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The Kingdom of Auru's Consitution


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As a joke, I wrote up a constitution for Auru for when I officially re-establish it. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Constitutional monarchy with a prime minister

Queen: Jedoi
Governor General: Wizardteepot
Prime Minister: Commander_12

Parliament is made up of various guilds when re-established. Elections will be held when enough new members have joined. Aurualians and former Aurualians will be free to elect the heads of the various guilds when they are re-established.

Elections will be held every 6 months as Minecraft time is different than real time. Elections will be held via online polls.

Nomination for guild members will open to any Aurualians or former Aurualians. People who are senators or not current members or past members of Auru may not become a guild members or its leader.

Auru will stick to being as neutral as possible but it may join alliances but not with the express purpose of conquering. Aurualians may fight alongside fellow alliance members or for towns that are friendly, but Auru itself will not expand greater than 3 tiles away from its home territory and may only expand in terms of pursuing resources, not pure conquest.

Auru seeks to be friends with as many people as possible. This may not always work, but we will try our best.
Aurualians are welcome to take part in PVP in any form outside the town.

Former Aurualians, prominent Lokans or anyone who has been of service to Auru in the past is welcome to be a senator. They have no voting power as a bloc, but are welcome to vote in the general elections as individuals. This is a ceremonial chamber for celebrating our past and honouring those who have also done a great service for Loka. Nominations are to be viewed and appointed by the Prime Minister at their advice to the Queen, who will have the final say over who is approved. Someone may lose their senatorial status if they betray Auru, cheat or are banned in any matter.

Powers of the Monarch and Governor General

The powers of the monarch are ceremonial, unless in situations of extreme emergency. Their main job is to represent Auru aboard and write lore and help keep the peace. They will have powers in line with and like the Commonwealth of Nations, like Australia or Canada, etc. The monarch may choose their successor at their own discretion, as long they promise to abide by the Australian constitution.

The last monarch before Auru fell was Jedoi and she remains the current one. Given how she is in Gamara in Edgewind, a Queen’s representative called a Governor General shall represent her.
The nomination process will be the following. The parliament and the prime minister themselves can suggest someone for the nomination as long as they are Aurualian, were one in the past or are a prominent Lokan. A simple majority to confirm them is required.

Passing bills

Any member of the Australian parliament is welcome to propose bills. A simple majority is required to pass them. To amend the Aurulian constitution requires a 2/3 vote in the parliament. It must first be put to a public referendum with a 50.5% margin to pass and a clear and concise yes or no question. Voter turnout should be high, over 50% to officially support the results of it.

Powers of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the key figure of power and holds the most power. However, any action proposed by the Prime Minister must be voted on and a simple majority is required. However, minor things are excluded such as housing disputes, resource management, etc. The rest of this is to be determined later.
To remove the Prime Minister if he has lost the confidence of the Aurulian parliament, a vote of no confidence must be introduced. A simple majority is required and elections must be held within 3 months of their removal. The Prime Minister will remain on in a caretaker status until a successor has been elected.

The Guilds
The Guilds will perform the same function they had before Auru fell, but the heads of them will be elected by the people of Auru or senators.

The Guilds are described as the following.

Architect's Guild​


The exterior of the Architect's Guild Hall

Originally founded by DaFyish, the Architects Guild are the players who make the city beautiful. They are in charge of the constructions of our buildings, homes, decorations, and the outer wall. Later, after DaFyish stepped down, Iyoforayo took over as the Head Architect. Members of the Architect's Guild boast a gold stripe.

Alchemist's Guild​

The Alchemist's Guild, also sometimes known as the Mage's Guild, is in charge of potion production and enchanted books. This is one of the smaller guilds, but one of the most important in terms of Conquest. The first leader of the Alchemy Guild was Nollo, but she later stepped down and Wizardteepot took over. Members of the Alchemist's Guild can be identified with their blue stripe.

Cultivator's Guild​

One of the two most important yet most underappreciated guilds, the Cultivators are in charge of most of our production. Not only does everyone rely on their food, but they often help the Alchemists collect potion materials,


The Cultivator's Guild Hall, overlooking the farms

provide the Architects with wood and the Historians with paper. They manage our farms and flock of sheep, as well as our lumberyard and fish our lake. Founded by Jezzaminne, the title of Cultivator Guild Leader has since passed to turtlemaster01. Members of the Cultivator's Guild wear a green stripe.

Engineer's Guild​

Founded and let by Shadow_Fox, the Engineers use redstone and other complex technology to make the city move automatically and smooth the inner works of the town. Members of the Engineer's Guild boast a bright red stripe.

Historian's Guild​


The inside of the Historian's Guild Hall

Founded and led by Jedoi, the Historians are the writers and lorekeepers of Auru. They teach each other and others about Loka's deep history, and record current events for future generations to read. They use the knowledge of the past they compile to guide choices Auru makes today. Members can be identified by their purple stripe.

Miner's Guild​

The Miner's Guild spends much time deep under the ground, finding resources to fund the town's wars and economy. They unearth ores and fashion armor and weapons for other Aurulians. Another underestimated group, yet another that is extremely important. Founded by Bambi_Luv, it was taken over by Commander_12 after her retirement. Members of the Miner's Guild wear a light grey stripe.

Thieves Guild​

By far the most mysterious guild, not much is known of them to outsiders. Only that their leader is called the Thieflord, and they oft refer to themselves as Shadows of the Spire. Despite this mystery, most can infer what they do: Target enemy towns, and take their riches for the benefit of Auru. However, they are also known to be honorable and never to target the innocent. They are known to bear a dark grey stripe.

War Guild​


The War Guild Hall

Founded by Xovious, the title of Jarl has been passed from him, to Asymphir, and finally to DeroTurtle. These are the warriors, guards, and defenders of Auru. They train to defend the city and fight for the glory of their home. They protect the innocent and defend the weak, and are sworn to never let Auru fall victim to enemy raiders or thieves. They boast a dark red stripe.

Each one of them will amount to one vote in the parliament. Future guilds are also welcome to be established. A member of the Aurulian parliament is welcome to submit a suggestion for one and requires a simple majority to pass.
Bill of Rights

Any Aurulian is welcome to enjoy their freedom and happiness within the town and across Loka. Peace and good governance are the main driving force for Auru.
This includes the following:
  1. The ability to choose what guild and religion they join, without judgment or restriction and the right to freedom of speech within reason. No hate speech, bullying, or harassment of any Aurulian players or Lokan players in general based on gender, race, or sexuality, creed, religion, etc.
  2. To not be harassed, bullied or any form of malice against them based on their past town history, in real life status, religion, etc.
  3. Anyone may join Auru as long they promise to uphold the values and freedoms of Auru and not have betrayed or be banned from any town or the server in the past or seek to engage in conquest on a massive scale
  4. Anyone found to be in violation of these fundamental rights will be given three strikes. The first strike is a verbal warning. The second one is a 30-day suspension and the third is permanently removed from Auru and losing all rights as an Aurulian citizen. There will also be an amnesty program for those who wish to rejoin Auru if they have been banned from the town but only if they have been judged to have sufficiently reformed. If they have not been found to be properly reformed, their application will be denied.
  5. Freedom to fight for allies or friendly towns in conquest, but not in the name of Auru itself and also the right to fight in PVP wherever they chose, as long it's outside of Auru and its territories. Only in the case of self-defence is this rule null and void. Self-defence includes a blatant attack on one person or group by an enemy or anyone else.
  6. Freedom to property and the same resources as every other Aurulian has in order to achieve equality and equity.
  7. Freedom to leave the town at any time of their choosing and will not be judged or harassed for it. They will always be welcome back unless they have been ruled to have betrayed the town.
  8. The right to elect or nominate members of the guild or run for the head of the guilds themselves. If the guild member does not have the confidence of their guild, a recall will be allowed. A simple majority of the guild members will be allowed to petition a recall and a vote to the parliament will be sent to confirm it.

Date: March 24th, 2023.




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This is great! With Town Vendors, the ability for Guilds to actually sell/buy items specific to their theme is now a possibility and would make for some cool immersion and depth to (New?) Auru!


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I don’t remember asking for your opinion
it wasn’t even my opinion…you literally got trolled and scotrian had to explain to you what was happening

and you posted this stupidity on a public minecraft forum site so you pretty much asked for everyones opinion

you should work on being less dense and not writing minecraft lore, you actually believed anyone thought you really used chatgpt for this? it would do a better job🤣
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