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The Lokan Purge



The Lokan life is hard. You have to deal with other people in situations you wouldn't otherwise have to; you can never trust other people, and for admins, well, they have to deal with more people. And there is no real way to stop that need to break the rules, to attack and slaughter towns, to grief, etc.

And because the Jeb Po-Po won't legalize mine-ijuana, it seems like all hope is lost. Except, there are places where griefing and slaughter is allowed, and because we all have the same home server in common, we can commit united slaughter together, on hardcore servers. We, the people of Loka, would unite together on faction servers, and attack all other factions. (We wouldn't name it after Loka of course, we can't have it linked back to Loka in any way or else we'll get griefed and slaughtered, and we want this to be a one sided war.)

And now to fit the theme, extreme amounts of unneeded violence.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't think there was enough violence in the initial post.


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Wait is this just something silly you thought of, or are you not kidding?
I kind of think all of Loka working together is kind of cool, though.