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The Month Long War


Right, as someone who was treated as an agony uncle through a few years for my soft and squishy side, I've noticed a massive s*** storm brewing on the horizon between Zor's town, Mag's town, and the raiders/thieves who aren't associated, which leads me to the conclusion that there will be a war, not a turf war, not a political war, just mad and crazy bloodshed.

This is a war that neither town needs or wants BUT it'll happen and it'll be a loooong war at that. I predict that a fair few players will leave the server for an undefined amount of time because of this, maybe even permanently.

It's gonna be nasty, It's gonna happen. My question? When?


Actually Zor... I think you'll find that...


(Oh Cartoon Network, you used to be good.)

EDIT: Well, "needs" is one thing, "wants" is the other. I'll use a very long Civ analogy.

Iria Empire: teh thieves

Thievery power: All cities get +20 defense, GPT +10, all other Civs automatically get -5 happiness whenever at war with Iria.

Unique Unit: Troll, replaces archaeologist, when moved into another Civ's territory and expended, Civ automatically get -10 happiness.

Unique Building: Troll Bridge, replaces barracks, gives +15 xp to all units built in this city, and increases building of trolls by 50%.

Albino Empire: mostly admin place

Unlimited Admin Power: If admin unit is placed in city, city gets +2000 defense, all cities get airport upon reaching classical era.

Unique Unit: Admin, replaces warrior, cannot attack units outside of territory, but can paradrop within territory and has ranged strength of 9001. Cannot damage embarked units.

Unique Unit 2 (sort of like the Mongols): Admin Forum Troll, replaces archaeologist (apparently both Civs hate culture), can be sent to other civs to slow down Culture gain/Science gain.

Iria is sending trolls and swordsmen into Albion in order to pillage because it's taking forever to research Drama and Poetry, and really it's nothing serious. I mean, for the people living in Albion it's probably serious, but whatever, it's not like they are the admins of the server who're considered the upright members of the server.

Oh, and Psy is that one barbarian rifleman who keeps attacking places and is so advanced because Venice decided to be in the corner of the world and develop more technology than anyone else.


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Nou. That is wonderful. I award you well over 9000 respects for a Civ analogy.

This isn't a war yet because we is still OP... :p


Albion's like Venice, insanely overpowered in anything not like, the third turn against Attila the Hun. Because you know, turn two battering ram from ruins = two turn death to all cities that don't have walls, and then if they spawn near pasture they can just two production their way into conquering an entire civ by turn 15.

And actually, now that I think about it, if Iria were to just produce trolls, we could probably lower your happiness to the point where your empire begins seceding to ours, cause you know, our entire Civ is based on causing unhappiness.

... I know this post was supposed to be a foreshadowing into some sort of big war type thing, but at the moment it's closer to the Cold War. Might heat up, but it's probably just going to be us running into their territory being annoying and killing people. Also, killing their scouts in the nether. Because unless you're the Shoshone, scouts are bad. Pathfinders = look at me I now have iron working on turn 30.