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Town Creation Changes


Staff member
A small word about upcoming changes to how towns are made.

Anybody who's tried to make a town, present company included, can tell you it's way too hard. Unfortunately, these changes aren't gonna help that too much (that may come in a later update). What is changing is how adding founding members works (and that's where most people get stumped anyway). Here's a list of the changes, because everybody likes lists:

  • The two supporting founders will have to 'accept' being founders of a new town. At present, this is not required and founding towns is too exploitable.
  • In addition, all founding members will have to be present at the generator in order to create it. This will take place in an as-yet-determined laying on of hands approach. In layman's terms, the founders will have to interact with the generator in some way (probably similar to how the actual owner does with the ender pearl) in order to "accept" being a founding member of a generator. This ensures generator creation is more intentional and will allow all the founders to be able to immediately /town at their new generator. It'll also allow all founders to witness the "generator creation effects".

Hopefully I can get this working shortly after we move to 1.7 so that people can make their new towns pretty quickly the new way.


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It's quite simple really. Each of the founding members must make an animal sacrifice on top of or near the generator in order to appease the almighty Cryptite and receive the blessing of towns. At least until taxes are due.


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Hopefully with this making a town will be easier. When I made mine I didn't know that I actually set it up. Maybe in the future, if you are bored you can make bubble gens simpler.


I may have suggested this to you before, but I think it would be cool if the owner had to place the diamond block, and the co founders each had to place one of the lamps. This will make it easier for towns across many time zones to form.