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What does the server need?


New Member
I don't know if this info is only for higher admins (guardian+) but surely you must know what time zones are the ones who need the most admins, and what ranks are needed for each time zone. I understand that people on the server constantly want to rank up, be it because you think you can help the server, the honor of being a high admin, or other reasons.

But maybe you could let us know what you really need? Or would that sort of undermine, the whole, application system?
I'm not saying that you should delete it, but it might serve as a guide?


Staff member
It's a huge secret, one filled with darkness and shadows, and we all wear cloaks when we deliberate.


Old One
Staff member
Old One
We will not promote people if we dont feel they are ready or appropriate for a higher admin position. The key is to be mature, take the rules seriously and set a good example. You also need a lot of experience on the server which often comes hand in hand with time spent on server, and being online regularly is very important. We have higher admins that cover every time zone fairly well but there are times when none are on, which is what we have sentries for.