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Zeppelin Mod 2: Electric Boogaloo



One of the mah favorite mods is reborn:


This gave me an idea; a Sid Meier's Pirates! themed server. A player would spawn on a random island in a world that generated only ocean and island biomes. You could either mine for yourself, or join a crew that already exists. If you mine for yourself, you can then sell the minerals in exchange for coins. A thousand coins, and you can buy a block that allows you to build ships. If you're a lone privateer, your ship size is limited. If you're part of a large group (which could be part of a larger fleet), you can build a large frigate that can carry more items. A crew of 4+ people could also claim a small island for themselves; it'd act as their hub for attacking from.

As a privateer, you gain coins from killing people; the number of coins is determined by that person's infamy. You increase your infamy by killing people, owning a large number of coins, attacking villages with zombie pigmen defenders, etc. You lose 50% of your infamy upon death (cause you know, people thinking you're dead means you're less of a threat). Also upon death, you lose all coins that you are carrying on you; there is no way to store coins, so the only way to ensure they aren't wasted, is to spend them.

When I was writing that, I got another idea: an open-world Guns of Icarus server. Two factions wage constant warfare trying to capture bases by firing fire charges at the cores of the bases Death Star style.

I'm not suggesting that these servers would be better than the Lokan experience we have now, but uh... I think they'd be interesting. Maybe a little bit more so than fake vanilla... once again, not suggesting that our server is a lower quality than a Sid Meier's Pirates! server... but... Pirates.