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  1. Deevil

    Player Run Festival December, Asgard II

    The Month You're Bidding For: December Town: Asgard Players Running Festival: Deevil, 98d_, Aqronso Type of Festival: 2v2 Pot, 5v5 Continental Clash Bracket: First/Second Round: Bo1 Third/Fourth Round: Bo3 Fifth Round (Final): Bo5 Festival Rules: - No Debuff Potions or Tipped Arrows - No...
  2. Deevil

    Asgard Museum

    Welcome to ASGARD Museum Hello guys, I make this forum to show you all the museum that I built in Asgard, I have been collecting all these heads for many months with the idea of making a museum or something, and now after so much time, I have finally made the museum. @McDanky did the build...