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  1. Fake

    Bug So, i bugged loka again

    I was playing in a ranked game and after the match ended i got sent to the outside of the arenas I also clipped it: https://medal.tv/games/minecraft/clips/Sy2ljQcOz32sr/d13376dwvNMs?invite=cr-MSxSN0MsMTA2OTExNDAzLA Its my third time bugging loka, i swear im not doing it on purpose XD
  2. Paraboilc

    Accepted slicers can't tell who joined for the first time

    in my case at least, I can't see when someone joins the game for the first time, or even that they logged in at all on their first steps into loka. I'm assuming its a bug but if not then oh well ill take the post down.
  3. Steve5729

    Fix the lag in Conquest

    in 100 player conquest the lag is insane, obviously. It's not fun anymore. There needs to be a cap on players. It is way to laggy and in Con 3 there are gonna be more and more players so I suggest a 50 player cap or rather a 25 cap on each side this way one side doesn't fill up all 50 and oh to...
  4. Trevster2000

    New Piston Glitch for double extenders

    Pistons placed in double extending position use the standard 2 tick, 4 tick, and 0 tick formation to work but now, in the past day or so, there is a glitch that doesn't allow this system to work. If this could be resolved, that would be much appreciated by everyone on the server. Thank you.