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  1. PartayArc

    A Tale of the Sunset Whale

    In the Ascalonian town of Eldritch, there was a little boy whale. The whale's name was Evil - but he wasn't evil - everyone in the town knew that. Evil was gentle and mostly kept quiet. Sadly, the boy was not meant for the Lokan surface and needed to wear a makeshift glass helmet filled with...
  2. Falksi

    War and... Pieces?

    "Yep, we had all the forces of Asmund. We still died." Xovious looked up from polishing his sword. I wondered why he even bothered if it was to be stained with enemy blood by the end of the week. It seemed that as High King, skill was just as important as impressions. "You're unusually...
  3. turtlemaster01

    The Northern Invasion of the Wolf Fortress

    *The name and Date on the page are too smudged to read* Cold and battered, the people of Kalros marched north to face the greatest threat on their continent since Hilo's last grand attack. The Leader of Ascalon, Lord Skuhoo, had launched an invasion on the North in order to...