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The Northern Invasion of the Wolf Fortress


*The name and Date on the page are too smudged to read*

Cold and battered, the people of Kalros marched north to face the greatest threat on their continent since Hilo's last grand attack. The Leader of Ascalon, Lord Skuhoo, had launched an invasion on the North in order to assist their unspoken ally Hilo. The walls had been made, potions brewed, and armor repaired for the fight. Many of us knew that death was a promise but we didn't care; We fought for our homes, our lives, our liberty, and our freedom.
We came in using what the town called the beacon. We took our defensive positions and just as we did the enemy inhibitor was shot with several bolts of lightning. The enemy was here. With a hardy cry we let our arrows fly true. Lord Xovious and Nokia were barking orders while people shored up the walls. Then the Ender pearls began to rain. First came Lord Skuhoo himself, followed closely by his loyal comrades. Sparks flew as sword clashed. Arrows from all sides flew and hit everyone. Allies, Enemies, even polar bears! We fought for a long time. Death on both sides was taking place every so often the beacons of both side would light up as reinforcements showed up and then everything went black.
I awoke up in Aladra battered but alright. I had perished. I ran back through the portal, up the Spire for our Beacon and jumped on just as it triggered. Xovious gave myself and my good friend Nollo a special mission. While fighting was happening in defending the Territory generator we were to sneak around the back and try to take out their inhibitor. Sneaking slowly along we slipped past Skuhoo, Kallious, Opyc, and even Lottaine. Nollo and I began taking out golems as fast as we could all the while our territory was falling rapidly. With one charge left I ran for the last lamp and just before the charge got off the Territory Generator Exploded. We had failed by mere seconds. Nollo and I knew that with the destruction of our Generator we would be killed quickly so Nollo and I quickly ran for the portal inside the enemy territory generator. Battered, bloody, and bruised we got to the portal and found Skuhoo waiting. Wanting Nollo to live I engaged in order to buy time for Nollo's Escape once she tumbled threw I sent a prayer to the Artifact for safe travels and threw myself into the portal and closed my eyes.
When I opened them and I was on a ship in Auru. Nollo was nearby, cut up and bruised along with the rest of Auru. We treated our wounded and repaired our gear. The fight was a long one, and even though we had lost we had survived longer then any previous fight we had ever had with them. The people felt something they hadn't felt in many months. The people of the North felt Hope. A new resurgence of pride and hope surged through the battered kingdom and was once again the North felt like Home. This hope carried with it much sorrow as much of the Native Wolf population was killed in the fight. Such high numbers must be mourned and replenished.
That hope is still felt today; With each fight we win or lose more people join the fight for freedom, hope, and the fight for our lives. Hilo has been pushed back and many of the population has fled to Ascalon for Eldritch and the ones who remain seem to be making a last stand. One thing is for sure: This war, while it might be far from over, has taken a turn. What that turn entails still remains to be seen.

*This page seems to have been ripped from a book of some sort*

(If anything is misspelled or wrongly named please message me and it will be fixed ASAP thanks please enjoy!)