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  1. W

    New epic lore series

    Hello LokaMC, I am working on a series of hex lore designs that are all centered around gemstones. I have made five and I am planning on making quite a few more, themed around Ruby, Aquamarine and Pearls for example. So if you have a hex lore without any designs, please message me on discord...
  2. W

    Selling custom lore lines!

    Hello dearest Loka community!!! I was told I was pretty good at making lore lines and all around lore designing, so here I am advertising my services. I'm asking for 5k for a normal lore and 3k for hex lores (hex lores allow me to have more flexibility with colors so making them is easier and...
  3. WeGank

    Announcement from Bacon Lores and Co.

    I'm starting a lore business since I have over 200$ in orbs that I haven't used for 2 years. Prices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name + 1 lore: 15000 shards Name with full lore of your choice: 25000 shards Give me a...
  4. virfy

    Virfy's Custom Lore Texture Service [REBORN]

    In collaboration with @biggaybowacunga The return of the Lore CIT Service! > Previous Forum Post < > Discord Server < Disclaimers: - If your lore has very obscure symbols, it may cause issues with the CIT. It is quite confusing and when I was making one for Olpx, the CIT worked on my end with...
  5. virfy

    .• °:. *₊ ° . ☆ Virfy's Custom Lore Texture Service ☆ . ° ₊* .:° •. OUTDATED

    Hello everyone I thought I would start up a little service for texturing Loka player's Lore's, using CIT (CIT Resewn & Optifine) I will be posting images of the work I have made in the thread comments below, and I will also post when I have slots open. For actual discussion about our deal, I...
  6. bat3415

    The Broken Tower set Scavenger Hunt

    Hello Fellow Lokans! I have made a custom lore set(with sword and shield) to accompany a special event taking place within Auru this weekend, here's a look at it! To go along with this special event taking place in the town this weekend, you have the opportunity to claim this set for your...
  7. PartayArc

    A Tale of the Sunset Whale

    In the Ascalonian town of Eldritch, there was a little boy whale. The whale's name was Evil - but he wasn't evil - everyone in the town knew that. Evil was gentle and mostly kept quiet. Sadly, the boy was not meant for the Lokan surface and needed to wear a makeshift glass helmet filled with...
  8. McDanky

    McDanky for LCR

    Age: 18 Years Current rank: Sentry What you think is expected of this position: LCRs should be a voice for the community of Loka. An approachable person who can help communicate the concerns of the player-base with the admins to hopefully make the server a better place. Why you think players...
  9. CuriousFriend


  10. Mr_Void99

    My Loka Story (Updated Every Saturday at 11:00am EST)

    THIS STORY WILL BE ADDED ONTO EVERY SATURDAY MORNING, SO PLEASE CHECK THIS THREAD WEEKLY -THX Hello, My Friends! I really hope you like it! Before the story begins I would like to give special thanks to @SCP_019 And @catfishjw Thank You, Guys! And now... without further ado... -My Loka...
  11. Drew_doc

    Lokan Origins

    I was thinking while looking through the lore threads that although people may have a lot of history or lore behind their lore it can be hard at times to remember someone's origin story. So I thought why not have a small thread where everyone can say a quick few words or a quick phrase or two to...
  12. Steve5729

    Lost, but on purpose.

    Lost, but on Purpose. Volume I Part I: Full Retreat I was able to predict the fall of Arvik. Nokia had retreated leaving Bork in charge. I gathered all I could from the ruins and set off for the Kalros Mountains. I flew the first miles but then a blizzard blew in. It was impossible to see and I...
  13. RayWard54

    New lore idea

    So, I was thinking about making a lore series (that I will actually be doing on the server) where I am going to be stranded on an island with just a wrecked ship to start with. I already found a spot but I need to check it out in-game. Any suggestions of islands that I can go to (preferably in...
  14. longfellow4

    Dystoka: Chapter 1

    Dystoka A fictional tale of Loka's future By Long The year is 2017. Ascalon and Kalros are destroyed. The Artifact is dead. Only Garama, and the nation of Xidius remains. These are our tales. The tales of our descendants. The tale of Dystoka. Chapter 1: Prelude Xidun, capital of Garama...
  15. C

    Loka Origins: Commander_12's Backstory

    Commander_12 (otherwise known as Andy) was born in the small, bustling city of Grimdale to normal and unassuming parents. Life in Grimdale wasn't easy though for Commander's family, as they were in extreme poverty and lived in one of the roughest and crime-ridden neighborhoods of all the city...
  16. turtlemaster01

    The Northern Invasion of the Wolf Fortress

    *The name and Date on the page are too smudged to read* Cold and battered, the people of Kalros marched north to face the greatest threat on their continent since Hilo's last grand attack. The Leader of Ascalon, Lord Skuhoo, had launched an invasion on the North in order to...
  17. Trevster2000

    Forged In Darkness I Shall Rise

    You may have heard of stories telling of great adventure, sieging castles, and claiming victory over many foes, but you only think of the people in those stories as heroes and don’t think about what made the person into the hero they are. My story begins in a cave deep beneath the eventual...
  18. longfellow4

    The Heartbeat of Makkon

    Certainty. That is what I loathe. Let the vines of Mak teach me! The jungle was a harsh place for most, and Garama only added to it's spite - screeching its heat and disease on all unwary who dared step from the ports. However to a select few hardy individuals, this place has become a...
  19. Ajaxan

    The North Has Fallen

    My arrival in the Kalros was in a time of peace. Lead by the mighty Vanaheimr alliance, peace ruled the land. Powerful cities lead by charismatic leaders lead the North down a prosperous road. In this hostile land we bonded together as one not because we wanted to but because we needed to. This...
  20. MrAlchemy

    The Mighty Northern Continent, Kalros, Vanaheimr

    The Mighty Northern Continent KALROS Vanaheimr Deep and hidden under the unforgiving glacial anatomy of Kalros' frozen surface arose a billowing untamed flame. It's whipping blaze consumed and spread within it's stone host, an expansive and untouched cavern by the Shivering Sea. Time...