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  1. bat3415

    The Broken Tower set Scavenger Hunt

    Hello Fellow Lokans! I have made a custom lore set(with sword and shield) to accompany a special event taking place within Auru this weekend, here's a look at it! To go along with this special event taking place in the town this weekend, you have the opportunity to claim this set for your...
  2. Falksi

    A Lesson in Dying

    A LESSON IN DYING Chapter 1 "You fool!" "Oh shush you dimwitted tart! If it wasn't for her it wouldn't have even gone off!" Falksi shied away from the finger that pointed at her in accusation. Kakashi glanced up at the partially demolished house again, her face still red from arguing...
  3. C

    Loka Origins: Commander_12's Backstory

    Commander_12 (otherwise known as Andy) was born in the small, bustling city of Grimdale to normal and unassuming parents. Life in Grimdale wasn't easy though for Commander's family, as they were in extreme poverty and lived in one of the roughest and crime-ridden neighborhoods of all the city...
  4. turtlemaster01

    The Northern Invasion of the Wolf Fortress

    *The name and Date on the page are too smudged to read* Cold and battered, the people of Kalros marched north to face the greatest threat on their continent since Hilo's last grand attack. The Leader of Ascalon, Lord Skuhoo, had launched an invasion on the North in order to...
  5. Trevster2000

    Forged In Darkness I Shall Rise

    You may have heard of stories telling of great adventure, sieging castles, and claiming victory over many foes, but you only think of the people in those stories as heroes and don’t think about what made the person into the hero they are. My story begins in a cave deep beneath the eventual...