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#free me

  1. xTR1_

    TR1/Handcrafting Unban Appeal

    Hello Loka Staff and Community. I have been banned for hate speech and harassment. I regret what I did and I'm sorry for what I have said. I have apologized to that person and regret what I said. All I ask for now is a second chance. I've been banned for a month and more now and I've learned my...
  2. ImSpartaan

    Unban Appeal

    Worked on this appeal on june 25 ign: spqrtoon banned:01/24/2023 Hello Loka Staff and Community. I am here today to give my reasons why my ban should be reduced but before I get into that I want to share my experience on LokaMC with you guys. when I first started playing LokaMC I didn't know...
  3. ImSpartaan

    Unban me :D

    Hello everyone. My name is Spartan and I got banned around 5 months ago I think for assisting ban evasion. I know that it was a really bad thing to do and I regret doing it a lot, it will also never happen again. This is my first offense, so I should have been unbanned 4 months ago but still...
  4. ImSpartaan

    ImSpartaan Ban Appeal

    Hello Loka Staff and Community. As I said in my last appeal I got banned for Assisting a Ban Evasion. I regret what I did and I'm sorry for breaking that rule. but all I ask for is now is a second chance I've been banned for 4 months now and I've learned my lesson I had such a great time playing...