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  1. Maf1aboss

    Mafiaboss Unban appeal

    Hello i was banned 3 weeks ago. I have shared my account to a few friends including Xicz. I havent been active in minecraft for awhile but i realized he has been using my account to play loka. I have changed passwords and everything to make sure this doesnt happen again. I am a chill guy and...
  2. ImSpartaan

    ImSpartaan Ban Appeal

    Hello Loka Staff and Community. I've been banned for more three months now for Assisting a Ban Evasion. I know what I did was wrong, and I am very sorry for wasting staff time, and the trouble I made. I would really like to get a second chance to play with my friends and have fun on the server...
  3. ImSpartaan

    Ban Appeal

    Hello my name is BestOfNigerr/ImSpartaan I just want to start off by saying I am very sorry for Ban assisting BestOfNiger I apologize for what I did I am very sorry I will never do it again I promise. all i've done is ban assisted a ban evasion which is still very wrong of me for not /reporting...