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  1. Trevster2000

    Forged In Darkness I Shall Rise

    You may have heard of stories telling of great adventure, sieging castles, and claiming victory over many foes, but you only think of the people in those stories as heroes and don’t think about what made the person into the hero they are. My story begins in a cave deep beneath the eventual...
  2. Ajaxan

    The North Has Fallen

    My arrival in the Kalros was in a time of peace. Lead by the mighty Vanaheimr alliance, peace ruled the land. Powerful cities lead by charismatic leaders lead the North down a prosperous road. In this hostile land we bonded together as one not because we wanted to but because we needed to. This...
  3. MrAlchemy

    The Mighty Northern Continent, Kalros, Vanaheimr

    The Mighty Northern Continent KALROS Vanaheimr Deep and hidden under the unforgiving glacial anatomy of Kalros' frozen surface arose a billowing untamed flame. It's whipping blaze consumed and spread within it's stone host, an expansive and untouched cavern by the Shivering Sea. Time...