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  1. FamilyTuber

    The Misadventures of Famy! - YouTube Series

    A New Loka Series! Welcome to a series about a guy who is totally unqualified but tries anyway. This series is about the adventures I go on and the stories I uncover! Something lurks beneath NN... -------> My Channel <------- Current Episode: All Episodes I really hope you'll enjoy this...
  2. NerdieBirdieYT

    Let's Play Loka - A YouTube Series

    Hi all! I'm NerdieBirdie, a family-friendly YouTuber who loves making Minecraft content. I run a three-year-old community called NerdNation. Below you can find all my Loka Let's Play videos! Latest Episode: Season 1 was my original adventure on Loka with my town, NerdNation. Season 2...
  3. FamilyTuber

    FamilyTuber's Introduction

    Hey guys! I'm one of the new guys that is coming along with the faction NerdNation or NN for short. I'm great friends with Nerdie and I have the pleasure of being an officer for the faction. I'll cut to the chase as many of you probably already know why we are moving here. A little about me...
  4. NerdieBirdieYT

    NerdNation - An Introduction

    Hey, all! Some of you may have heard of me and my faction from the stream I did over the weekend. My name is NerdieBirdie, and I am the owner of a faction/group/town called NerdNation. Having started on a Factions server and then moving to an entirely vanilla raiding server for over a year, we...