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  1. Xlan

    Jthebookworm for Slicer

    Ok, so this one is basically a nobrainer. Jthebookworm? More like JtheBestPersonEverWorm. She is like, nice :) (smile). Loves to help people, and helps out new players when she is online! If I am to be honest, J is like a rainbow across the sky, for she brings a new dawn of happiness whenever...
  2. CuriousFriend

    NovaZephyr For Slicer

    #nova4slicer Nova joined around the same time as me (three days after me on this account) and since we were both fairly new we became friends, at the time (Jan, 2017) It was different. Back at a time when mending wasn't rare. Ever since I first talked to him, I knew he was gonna be a really...