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pvp idea

  1. Toaster_

    Suggestion Changing Zyre For The Better?

    Hello everyone As most of you know, there have been a lot of complaints about the removal of end red tag and the addition of gank isle. Many players dislike the sheer size of Zyre and the effort they have to put into running around and finding players or the amount of time consumed by waiting...
  2. TimeCentaur

    No Plans to Implement Mini PvP Tournaments

    What is this idea? Similar to the regular fishing tournaments that Loka has every once in a while, the sparring zones in the War District of Aladra could be utilized for a tournament every once in a while as well. The tournament itself would be very similar to duels except it would be public and...
  3. Xavendeir

    Suggestion I feel like Loka would be improved by having Tinkers Construct.

    Alright. We all know what Tinkers Construct is right? I feel like having a separate, optional Loka server with TC would greatly improve a lot of areas of Loka. To start, I feel like it would improve weapon sales, due to the vast variety of weapons available, it would improve weapon...