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  1. Sqrv3n_

    Multi-region Duels & Ranked Duels

    - Multi-region duels and ranked duels Hello dear Lokans, I came up with an idea for improving your ranked experience. Recently a lot new players from Asia (specially eastern Asia) started joining Loka and play ranked with 200ms ping which people who are in Europe and north America complain...
  2. xTR1_


  3. S

    Zyre Changes

    Please remove TNT and Crystals from Zyre, it makes it not fun and its just annoying for people who don't crystal. I think that Zyre is meant for actual PvP not just Crystaling and using TNT.
  4. Steak__

    Implemented Shields

    At their current state shields are completely broken and take away all elements of skill. Due to the fact that you can spam shield and not take any damage or kb I as well as many others believe that this is not an element of pot PVP. It is a completely different kind of PVP. What Loka is turning...
  5. Thanielle

    Edgewind Stall at the Fruitopian Tournament

    THE EDGEWIND STALL! TWO RAFFLES AND LOTS OF SHARDS TO BE MADE! MAESTRO'S RAFFLE 16 SHARDS PER TICKET 1 Lored God Sword - Maestro's Carver Full Named Armour Set - Bard Set GUARDIAN'S RAFFLE 16 SHARDS PER TICKET 1 Lored God Axe - Guardian Ban Hammer 2 Lored Items - Guardian Infinity...
  6. xForerunner

    Suggestion Introduce a custom crafted alternative to the sword and axe - the dagger

    This weapon would offer the same kind of click-heavy attack speed that's characteristic of the more traditional 1.7 style of PVP, but at the cost of some damage. This is a fairly simple way for the server to appeal to both audiences of PVPers and add some more depth to the combat system. Might...