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  1. Itsredstonepro

    Redstone ideas

    I'm running out of redstone idea's. All suggestions are welcome except brewers, they don't get any faster or better then the current moccy type brewers (mostly due to loka limits) unless minecraft introduce new item(s) that are filling up the brewer design limitations. I am currently...
  2. Itsredstonepro

    Safe Storage System (Closed for unknown time)

    Store your shulkers and other items safe forever! No need for carrying shulkers from town to town, I got you covered. This system will allow you to store items and shulkers and whatever you want to store safe. You can always deposit and extract items from your storage with a key that is unique...
  3. Trevster2000

    New Piston Glitch for double extenders

    Pistons placed in double extending position use the standard 2 tick, 4 tick, and 0 tick formation to work but now, in the past day or so, there is a glitch that doesn't allow this system to work. If this could be resolved, that would be much appreciated by everyone on the server. Thank you.