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resource pack

  1. mindblaster007

    Loka++ Resource Pack (Unofficial)

    Due to @Skuhoo's Loka+ Pack not being updated in the past two years, I have decided to try and continue his project. This pack aims to enhance every player's visual pleasure while on Loka by changing the custom items' textures. This pack will require Optifine or CIT Resewn to change the textures...
  2. mads64

    Lokafication Pack [16x]

    Hello everyone, this new pack is a fun project that of mine to try out some very underrated features within Minecraft, called core shaders, which allow you to do all kinds of crazy things in the vanilla game... What this pack changes: - Gold/Yellow loading screen - Gold/Yellow container...
  3. mads64

    LokaV | Custom Textures [16x]

    Hey guys, I have made my own 'loka+' pack, this pack contains all unique and original textures.* The pack contains: - Firestone - Top Firestone Fragment - Left Firestone Fragment - Bottom Firestone Fragment - Power Shard - Power Shard Cluster - Power Shard Core - Ancient Ingot - Basic Shard -...
  4. mads64

    Custom Loka Ancient Ingots [16x]

    Hello everyone, I have made yet another vanilla friendly CIT pack, this time it changes the texture of Ancient Ingots! This pack uses the vanilla texture for Netherite ingots with an animated aura, I tried multiple approaches and this is the one that looks best to me. This is what it looks...
  5. mads64

    Custom Loka XP Bottles [16x]

    **V2** Hello everyone, I have made yet another vanilla friendly CIT pack, this time it changes the texture of XP bottles based on its size. (Small, normal, and large) This pack uses the vanilla texture for XP bottles with a hue filter applied to both the cork and the "aura" around the bottle...
  6. mads64

    Custom Loka Power Shards [16x]

    Hello, I have made a pack that retextures Power Shards, Clusters, and Cores using Emerald colors. There is also an alternative pack that makes them aqua blue, which is less vanilla friendly in my opinion. This is what they look like: You can use either Optifine CIT *OR* CIT Resewn! (CIT...
  7. pigeon

    Your Preferred Loka Texture Packs

    Hi there! I made this topic for the Loka community to post what their favorite texture packs to use on Loka are :3 I personally enjoy OzoCraft a lot and it is my preferred choice... ...and I enjoy Jolicraft as well! (favorite feature: sand!) (Sorry if the images are too dark! I can retake...