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slicer nominations

  1. C

    gimabis for slicer (gimabiskinger911)

    i have known gimabis for multiple years now, i think that is an upstanding member of the community, he has helped me countless times and has been really friendly to me and all my alliance members, and from what ive seen in the past few days i think he deserves it
  2. W

    BIGSIZZLEE for slicer

    Hey it's me AntRider10, i am here to vouch for BIGSIZZLEE for Slicer, I always see him help people out when they struggle in chat, showing new players the way to play loka throughout Guide, town, and normal chat. Hes not toxic, and is always ready to help.
  3. Reiwa1

    Tqmen for slicer!

    Hello lokans im here to nominate tqmen to slicer. Tqmen has been in the Loka community since 2019, he is a nice, kind Tolerant and nice person, at the same time he is friendly, active and has an important place in the Loka community and I believe he will be a very good slicer:)
  4. koi0001

    sigmaflash for slicer!

    I've know sigmaflash for what I'd consider awhile now and even though he has been toxic at times I'd argue he does contribute as an active player in conquest, helping new town members and generally being really active within the community. Recently especially I'd consider sigma to be more...
  5. Paraboilc

    Drew_Doc For slicer

    Drew has been on Loka for over a year, and he's been extremely active so i don't know how he hasn't gotten slicer yet. He's run a major power town for months, helped several people on multiple occasions. He's been a vital part of the server's player base for long enough to, at least in my eyes...
  6. Steve5729

    Logic_Es for slicer.

    He's good at welcoming new players and is an active member of our community. He's also just a generally great guy to have around. One of the nicest players on Loka ,pretty sure he has never said a swear word. 'Nuff said.