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  1. Paraboilc

    Drew_Doc For slicer

    Drew has been on Loka for over a year, and he's been extremely active so i don't know how he hasn't gotten slicer yet. He's run a major power town for months, helped several people on multiple occasions. He's been a vital part of the server's player base for long enough to, at least in my eyes...
  2. Steve5729

    Gother for Slicer.

    What can I say. He's passionate and he wants the job. He's willing to break old convention for new great things. Also Gother is like a 10/10 great friend. Yes I read his old post. Admins feel free to delete this one if you think it's to memeish or whatever. I think that he stated some good...
  3. Steve5729

    Logic_Es for slicer.

    He's good at welcoming new players and is an active member of our community. He's also just a generally great guy to have around. One of the nicest players on Loka ,pretty sure he has never said a swear word. 'Nuff said.
  4. Steve5729

    QFlight for Slicer

    Qflight is very nice to me. Alot of people hate him because he raids but that's a part of the game. He does have a past with alot of you, for better or for worse. Either way I have been impressed with his capability as a leader on Garama. I do see him welcome new players often but not all the...
  5. Steve5729

    ExplodingBull for slicer

    Why has no one thought of this yet? Bull is really nice even when he's not trying he still manages to be nice, Not only that but he's funny. Hilarious guy to talk to and I think he'd be a great addition to Lokan Slicers. To be honest I don't see him welcome new players much but he does treat the...