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  1. Reiwa1

    Implement in Future A command to view biome-resources

    It's pretty self-explanatory with the title, for most of the time you need to check which resources are there on the wiki page. Especially if you are in a continent that is separated by many alliance/biome-controlling towns, but sometimes it's a pain to find them going all through Discord to...
  2. LancerSquid

    Implemented chinese chat in Option in /ch

    i invited a lot of chinese players, but they are on town chat talk, so i think it would be nice to have a channel just for us and also i will invite more chinese players play loka in the future.
  3. B

    Suggestion buff brewing speed for towns.

    Okay, no one likes waiting for pots to brew just for your town to just consume them in a day. THEREFORE I think that brewing speeds should be increased so you don't have to wait as long for pots to brew and you can play loka more! faster brewing can be bought maybe via conquest points or just...