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  1. Steve5729

    Implement in Future Revamp the Oceans in 1.13

    So from what I've seen of 1.13 there are alot of ocean revamps. So first: I suggest revamping the oceans for coral biomes and fish and the drowned to be spawned. Second: I suggest a way to be able to craft the Trident or make it differently. Third: Make the trident be able to have sharpness...
  2. OperaGhost2004

    No Plans to Implement Remove Riptide when 1.13 comes out

    One thing I have noticed when playing the latest snapshot for 1.13 is that Riptide is way too powerful. all you have to do is raid a town in the rain, and you're in. (so long as you have a Riptide III trident.) this makes walls very nearly obsolete. all you need to do is throw it up, when it...