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  1. P

    PIGLXN unmute appeal.

    Hello fellow loka players, I am PIGLXN. I come forth to all of you to ask for your forgiveness of my toxicity from the past and wish that you can all forgive me, I was muted for saying hateful comments towards WooTiger a fellow loka player. I would like to say I have changed a lot since then and...
  2. xDeerz

    Regarding a Guide chat mute from 2 years ago

    I recently started playing loka again a couple of weeks ago, and it came to my attention I was muted from the guide chat from the two years prior when I actively played loka. I do remeber a bit of this not the context or anything like that anymore but I asked one of the mods and he said it was...
  3. N

    NotTolerable discord unmute

    Unmute me from the discord. I ain't even do nothing wrong bruh. Here are the last messages before I got muted (The mute wasn't right away either). And I included the message staff deleted cuz im a honest individual. I promise I will never do it again NotARealPerson6 — 12/15/2022 7:46 PM Perhaps...
  4. Krostie

    Krostie unmute appeal

    Hello, my name is Krostie, I got permamuted 4 months ago I told babysoy if i'm not wrong, to kill himself and I was silly in chat, and I thought about it and I won't be toxic in chat again, i'm sorry I hope i get unmuted.
  5. J

    Unmute me in the discord - Jakkeyyy/ Jakey#1302

    I like to talk in the discord but I am muted in game so I can't talk in the discord anymore. I wanna self promote. You can keep me muted in game I won't talk in there anyways because of the new Microsoft rules on reporting but id like to talk in #Self-Promote. So unmute me please thanks dawgs.
  6. J

    Unmute Request for Jakkeyyy

    Hi, I am Jakkeyyy and I was muted for talking about how I like Italian girls. It is my fault for talking about non PG-13 things (arguably) and I am sorry for that. If I am unmuted I will not talk about women in any way (I was not talking about them negatively) I will talk about Loka things...