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  1. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Extend Zyre lore to continents

    So dropped by lore is shown for player made locations as well (like how fishing works)
  2. F

    No Plans to Implement Zyre Map Rotation

    The current zyre map doesn't suck, but it gets super repetitive and boring, even with the moving corruption. I feel like there should be a rotation of zyre maps with new areas to spice it up and promote ganking.
  3. Toaster_

    Suggestion Changing Zyre For The Better?

    Hello everyone As most of you know, there have been a lot of complaints about the removal of end red tag and the addition of gank isle. Many players dislike the sheer size of Zyre and the effort they have to put into running around and finding players or the amount of time consumed by waiting...
  4. Eyvah

    Suggestion Zyre Docks

    I think there should be a docks or a protected area at zyre.Since the end red tag went away, many players started quiting loka. I am not gonna argue about red tag. Adding a docks to zyre can help in many ways to players. Some can watch the fights near docks, some can kite easily and some players...
  5. Eyvah

    Implemented Zyre Drop Protection

    Hello. As I spent more time in zyre, I have realized that something like warp protection needs to be in zyre. When we drop from the ship, we lose so many hearts because of the damage and that can easily led us to get quickdropped before even getting to fight. And if you have a bad pc, its worse...