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Bid Astro I

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The Month You're Bidding For: July

Town: Astro

Players Running Festival: Figgyv9 Auke8 cookieIm Kottisv9 mimo4

Type of Festival: 1v1 Pot PvP, 5v5 Continental Clash

Bracket: 1st Round (Best of 1) -> Round 2-4 (Best of 3) -> 3rd Place (Best of 3) -> Finals (Best of 5), seeding will be done by myself and mimo4 as well as community analysis

Festival Rules (1v1 Only):
- No De-buff Potions or Tipped Arrows
- No bow with infinity (16 arrows max per round)
- No Crossbow
- No Firestone
- No Ender pearls
- No Thorns
- No KB sword
- No Axe
- No Shield
I will decline any cheese kits.
The Rewards for Winners:
Hex Lored Champion Sword, Lored Set, 32DB, 64GB, 64IB, 64AI, 'Victor' Title

2nd: Maxed Sword, Maxed Set, 16DB, 32GB, 32IB, 32AI

3rd: 16DB, 16GB, 16IB, 16AI

Competitor Cost of Entry: 16 Diamond blocks

Max Number of Competitors: 64

Cost of Stalls: 64 Diamond blocks

Max Number of Stalls: 14 + 2 in arena

Any Further Info:
- Stalls are first come first serve.
- Once the bracket is posted, its final I'm not doing subs bc it messes up entire seeding.
Image of Arena and/or Tournament Grounds:




A Note about Lag
This is a reminder to protect yourself and your IP address before this tournament.
If any competitor is disconnected during their match, They will forfeit that round.
This means you should consider resetting your IP address beforehand.
I would hate for someone to lose their title due to an outage.
I would suggest contacting your ISP on how you can obtain a new IP if you may be at risk.​


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there will be a live map of ascalon in the arena btw!!!
edit: OK STEEL said that map will be at a different part of the town linked via town portal
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