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No Plans to Implement Bring Stuff Back


Active Member
We recently updated Loka Supporter gags and perks. To be honest they’re really fun but they barely work. We could have many more FX instead of just 2 and only have 2 pets? That’s crazy my dude. We could have had all the old effects and had the new ones added as a “special” edition. And we could have had more pets or at least been able to name them?

Also this is something that I want but I kinda want it back?
Can we please get the Neon Green Owner Tag please? This was a cool update.


Staff member
What do you mean they barely work? The fx are wonky currently but it's just a bug that will be squashed. The new effects library we're using allows us to create way fancier effects than just spawning different particle types around a player. Creating these new effects is something I've been tasked with.

As for pets, the old pets haven't worked in many months and we were restricted to the base pets included with the plugin as adding new ones was extremely convoluted and time-consuming. The new plugin allows us to add custom, Loka-related pets that aren't just generic animals.

You're acting as if the news pets and effects added today will be the only pets and effects, which is not at all true.