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No Plans to Implement Builder Duration


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I suggest adding another parameter for when you make someone a builder of your town. This new parameter would define how long said player is a builder and would be a number 1-7. This would add an extra sense of convenience for those who can't get on every day to add the same person as a builder. With this add a command to check how much longer you have "Builder" in said town.

Edit: Rather than one to seven days, one to three is more reasonable while also not demeaning the valid point @Cryptite stated in a prior discussion about this feature.
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Perhaps make it so it shows duration left then? Ex: You are a builder for Tican for 9h. Still convenience but not really an advantage.


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I was unaware this was previously suggested. However, I would argue that although Cryptite has a very fair point, the ability to set it for one to three days wouldn't constitute a "long period of time." It's also worth mentioning that people are doing that anyways, so if they really did want to deter that, they should add a cooldown for how long a person can build in one town at a time. Mocc also brought up a valid point about easy place; however, easy place chips off the ridiculous amount of time it takes to build something complex and intricate, while this suggestion simply makes it so more people can build.