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What Should We Add?

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Hello My Friends
Void here
Today I would like to reveal that Toraston has been building a museum for the heads of many famous Loka players! The Museum is located in Toraston but will have a public entrance leading outside the wall.
Anybody is welcome! The public doors are always open but do not think about raiding because it is protected by many doors that are checked 24/7. The Toraston Museum is free to enter. Its public doors are located in Ascalon 1283 78 4909, but will not be open until October 25th, 2018 (DATE NOT FINAL). If you have any questions please feel free to comment down below. If you would like to donate your head please mail Mr_Void99 on the Loka Server; Thank you!
Here are pictures of the Museum, and there will be more news next week!
TM-1.png TM-2.png TM-3.png TM-4.png TM-5.png TM-6.png TM-7.png TM-8.png TM-9.png TM-10.png
Have fun! -More News Next Monday night/Tuesday morning! P.S. I tried to keep most of the heads out of the pictures, because I do not want people to not come just because they could see all the heads via picture
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On the poll, if you chose the special item please post an idea of what it should be and its name ;)


Your gift box was a cool idea, but expensive. Otherwise I'm not sure. Lol but I am so excited for this to open it is such a neat idea :D