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Bid Vinovia I


Yep yep yep. another meaningless tournament. Woohoo! Tournaments are supposed to bring new people in to the world of Loka to watch the best of the best compete. What is your guys plan for advertising this tournament? Or are you guys just in it for the cash and won’t say a word. Here at Noobville, we have big big advertising plans. As the biggest social media influencer group of Loka, we will use our channels to advertise for our tournament! Cryptite If you pick anyone else, that’s a bad marketing move.
is that why you guys increased participation prices have so many stalls and decreased prizes for the winners?


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Under Vinovian Law, any attempt to discredit our arena is a crime and must face immediate execution. I was simply following the law in the land in which I reside. Therefore, the Vinovian Bar Association cannot strip me of my litigation services nor my ability to provide legal advice to those in which who seek it.