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    AL3NZISA Apology and Ban Appeal

    Hey, I came here to make an appeal for a situation revolving around me getting banned off LokaMC. I got banned for assisting a player named Vqmen ban evade after getting banned from the server LokaMC as mentioned earlier. I helped him, and I knew what would happen if I got caught, but I still...
  2. S

    qaag's unban appeal and apology

    Banned IGN: Naz1HitIer Current IGN: qaag Ban Reason: Innapropriate IGN was main reason, account sharing (allowed alt eternalPVP_), alting (stufyyyy) First reason: Innapropriate IGN Second reason: Account Sharing Third Reason: alting / ban evading First of all, I want to apologize for all the...
  3. b0mbied

    B0MBIED Ban Appeal (2)

    Hello LokaMC admins & community, I would like to start this appeal by apologizing for my actions that resulted in my ban. My ban was a result of hacking twice during proving grounds and a conquest fight. The evidence of me hacking the first time on proving grounds, then coming back onto the...