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  1. P

    puurg perm ban appeal

    Hello Fellow Lokans! I came from school today and tried to play on Lokamc because loka is the best server... I then realized that ive been "permenantly" banned reason being "account sharing" and "assisting ban evasion" so one day I asked xicz if i he had an alt that he doesnt use so i could play...
  2. sxcutie

    sxcutie ban appeal

    Username at the time of my ban: sxcutie Current username: exshadow68 Reason for ban: mute evading/alting Hello lokans, 6 months ago i was banned for telling a player a extremly offencive racial slur to the players perry and glorry. I genuenly now can see how this could have effected the...
  3. J

    Unmute me in the discord - Jakkeyyy/ Jakey#1302

    I like to talk in the discord but I am muted in game so I can't talk in the discord anymore. I wanna self promote. You can keep me muted in game I won't talk in there anyways because of the new Microsoft rules on reporting but id like to talk in #Self-Promote. So unmute me please thanks dawgs.