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  1. babycat

    Babycat's Better Brewers (Orders Temporarily Closed)

    Babycat's Better Brewers Intelligent Brewing Over the last 3 years, I have worked to revolutionize the state of mass automatic brewing in Minecraft and on LokaMC. The product of that work is the V7 Super Brewer Series, capstoned by the V7 SuperMAX. All V7 Super Brewers come standard with...
  2. B

    Implement in Future Custom Drinks/More Drinks

    hi sisters im back at it again in the suggestions threads Lately, the market for biome-exclusive goods have been pretty low. Alcohol types also are in need of lots of updates as many people are constantly wishing for new types of drinks. As this desire for new types will probably never end, I...
  3. DeceitfulPear

    Implement in Future Brewing (Alcohol) Ideas

    So as a bartender and enthusiast in brewing various things in real life, when I discovered it was something I could do in Loka I was extremely excited and just have various ideas for it. For one I was thinking to encourage the use of the plugin a bit more there could be some achievements linked...
  4. Falksi

    Suggestion Brewing Industry

    Recently, I have noticed what could only be considered a fatal deficiency to Loka. The obvious lack of an alcohol industry. When you look at the broader range of items produced from industry, it covers almost everything in the current marketplace except for special items meant to be farmed or...