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  1. mads64

    Phyllales Palace | Southern Valyria

    hello gamers this is my cool palace i built for southern valyria it is named after "caryophalles" which is the order for cactus (because desert) this is for the future city of southern valyria and there is also a very detailed city planned, along with an arena featuring an epic dragon head...
  2. McDanky

    McDanky for LCR

    Age: 18 Years Current rank: Sentry What you think is expected of this position: LCRs should be a voice for the community of Loka. An approachable person who can help communicate the concerns of the player-base with the admins to hopefully make the server a better place. Why you think players...
  3. Sofatroll

    Gang-up! Sofa & Sly going for it again

    Ahoy fellow Lokans, few people know me but I'm sure those who do remember the splendid town of Myrmidon we've been building upon the ruins of ancient Vantis. During the half-year we existied we've been both fixing up old structures such as adding tons of new stuff, giving the place an entirely...
  4. Mr_Void99


    Hello I Mr_Void99 need a player with decent building abilities for building a castle. I am not a very good builder because I make plain boxes made of one block ;P I need a player to make me a castle with several rooms, a storage room, a command center and a small courtyard in the center with an...