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  1. ImSpartaan

    Ban Appeal

    Hello my name is BestOfNigerr/ImSpartaan I just want to start off by saying I am very sorry for Ban assisting BestOfNiger I apologize for what I did I am very sorry I will never do it again I promise. all i've done is ban assisted a ban evasion which is still very wrong of me for not /reporting...
  2. Trustbbg

    Ban appeal (Trustbbg)

    Hello im trustbbg, alvin, botellon whatever u want to call me. I got banned of loka today for "account sharing". The reason to this is beacuse i got the "same ip" as xicz. Wich is an banned player from a few months ago. Me and xicz are really close friends and we have known each other for...
  3. b0mbied

    bombie ban appeal

    hello guys, it is me, best bedwars player bombied appealing for lokamc. i am so very sorry for spoofing my ping, it allowed me to overall perform better on pvp as it gave me almost an extra block of reach, and it was so very wrong of me to do. i knew that in-game advantages were not allowed. i...