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  1. Aggressive_Gibon

    Suggestion Blank Industries

    Being able to make an industry with just the bare components of the industry such as the enchanting table for the Arcanum or the pens and input output chest for the barn would allow for much easier placing of industries in places that the large pre-built building wouldn't allow. For example if a...
  2. Falksi

    Suggestion Brewing Industry

    Recently, I have noticed what could only be considered a fatal deficiency to Loka. The obvious lack of an alcohol industry. When you look at the broader range of items produced from industry, it covers almost everything in the current marketplace except for special items meant to be farmed or...
  3. Ajaxan

    Suggestion Above Ground vs Below Ground

    I'm going to get some hate for this one for sure, and perhaps everyone completely disagrees with me but either way I felt it was worth mentioning, haha. I'm really into the role playing aspect of the server (in terms of town building) so I've built a wall, a central keep, and am working on tons...
  4. Ajaxan

    New [FIXED] Trying to change Industry Access Level

    So I've been trying to change the level of access for industry buildings. I ended up putting doors around all our industry buildings and players can't get through them unless they are top ranked in the town. I tried setting the industry level with /g industry level <industry> <level> and it...