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  1. Swin

    Buying player heads, with this type of skin!

  2. Zackeroni9

    Suggestion More Market Buy-Order Enchantment Options

    Currently, for creating buy orders on the market for tools that you want certain enchantments on, you can only be very specific and strict with what enchantments are on the tool. For example, if I wanted to create a buy order for a Fishing Rod with Lure, I can only select the Lure III...
  3. Asynchronized

    Suggestion Market Notifications Through Discord

    I am a player who seems to just thrive off the economy on Loka through the market, I'm constantly selling stuff and it would be cool if I was able to get a discord dm or notification of some sort when my items have been purchased. I know this sounds like a useless feature but it would be pretty...
  4. bat3415

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Bat's Horses & Mules!

    Over the past couple weeks I have started work on a new business popping up in Eldritch to supply the citizens of Loka with well-bred horses for the purposes of travel, war, item-transport, or raiding. Here is an album of Photos of the premises showing the stables and the testing facilities...
  5. H

    Suggestion Town Markets

    Loka Town Market System Introduction Recently, one of the most prominent recurring issues on Loka has been the growth and decay of towns, and the resultant high turnover rate of the server population. As the population of a town grows, they eventually reach a critical mass at which they will...