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  1. McDanky

    McDanky for Guardian

    Age: 20 (384 on Loka) Current rank: Sentry Which rank you are applying for: Guardian What you think is expected of this rank: Being a responsible and active community member, I consistently uphold the server rules and contribute to its overall fun. In my current role as a Sentry, I...
  2. McDanky

    Sandsete Update Post 7/25/22

    Sandsete's been working on a lot behind the scenes (Meaning a build server). I felt it'd be nice to update the community on some of the fun stuff we got going on. Entrance to our future housing district, The Pit Some possible additions to our lovely palace, been thinking about some rooftop...
  3. McDanky

    Sandsete's Secret...

    Bang. Bang. Bang. Caves deep within the cliffs were always a dark, scary venture. Sandsete's (albeit poor) miners were hammering away with every bang of the pickaxe. It was only then, deep underground and in the heart of the golden city, was there a clang of hitting metal. Excavation began at...
  4. McDanky

    McDanky for Sentry

    Age: 18 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: I believe a Sentry is someone who takes charge and helps correct improper behavior on Loka. As a 2+ year old community member, I know that no two people on the server are alike...
  5. McDanky

    McDanky for Builder

    Age: 17 Current rank: Slicer Which role you are applying for: Build Team Why you think you should become this role: Plain and simple, I love to build! I've always built as far back as I remember playing Minecraft. I'm a well known member and believe I could do very well as a member of the Build...