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  1. Greeneryy

    Added Skin Swapper Mod

    Mod: Skin Swapper https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/skin-swapper i’m back and unbanned, since my ban, i’ve put my time into other hobbies and separated myself a bit from pvp, in consenquence, i’ve developed an addiction into making skins, and this mod, allows me to quickly swap...
  2. F

    Rejected NoHurtCam/BetterHurtCam

    While this mod has been denied in the past, I believe it it time to reconsider. As of 1.19.4, a hurtcam slider has been added to the vanilla game settings as shown below, along with some other cool features. Because this is now a vanilla feature, I believe it would be unfair to disallow this mod...
  3. W

    Rejected Feather client

    Feather clients boosts the most fps in any client, but some downsides come with it then I want disable whilst logging on to loka. This client also allows you to improve recording if you want to. Most mods should be disabled to stop game benefiting experiences, but this client boosts fps way more...
  4. Xavendeir

    Suggestion I feel like Loka would be improved by having Tinkers Construct.

    Alright. We all know what Tinkers Construct is right? I feel like having a separate, optional Loka server with TC would greatly improve a lot of areas of Loka. To start, I feel like it would improve weapon sales, due to the vast variety of weapons available, it would improve weapon...