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  1. Kaph

    Suggestion Change to the Town Chest Perk

    Many town perks have multiple levels - Health, Protected, Well Fed, etc. The Town Chest perk currently spawns in a double chest - so, in my opinion, this perk should be split into Town Chest I and Town Chest II. The first perk would only be a single chest, and then will be upgraded to a double...
  2. koi0001

    Suggestion Town Choices/More Customise-able

    Hello Lokians! This thread asks a simple question. Is the town system able to have more customisation? If so where's the limit and is it worth it? I've owned my own fair share of towns that were both used for different situations; some towns main goal was to just build something interesting...
  3. marblesack12

    Suggestion Small change to town perk ordering

    Ayyy Loka Forums first post holllaaaaaa Our town recently hit level 16, and was rewarded with the level 16 town perk "Improved Infrastructure I." Quick recap: this perk gives Speed I to town members when on "roads." These roads are created by placing a layer of cobblestone hidden...