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  1. Steve5729

    Steve5729 for Sentry.

    Prefix: Hi... again.. Ok just everything out on the table, I'm sorry. My previous applications were wrong and I shouldn't have been that way. I'm legitimately trying to improve the person I am in game and out of game. I've always had a somewhat hard time controlling my anger. However, that...
  2. Steve5729

    Steve5729 for Librarian

    Age: 16 Current rank: Slicer Which role you are applying for: Librarian Why you think you should become this role: I write a-lot of lore and read a-lot of lore. I've deleted a-lot of my old lore because I didn't like it and thought it wasn't my best work. I try to put my very best into my...
  3. Steve5729

    Implement in Future Revamp the Oceans in 1.13

    So from what I've seen of 1.13 there are alot of ocean revamps. So first: I suggest revamping the oceans for coral biomes and fish and the drowned to be spawned. Second: I suggest a way to be able to craft the Trident or make it differently. Third: Make the trident be able to have sharpness...
  4. Steve5729

    Steve for Sentry

    So... Here we are... Again... Hopefully for the lat time... I hope. Ok so My last app was full of arguments and those things aren't aloud now so I'm remaking it. Age: 16 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: Don't abuse. Mute when...
  5. Steve5729

    Logic_Es for slicer.

    He's good at welcoming new players and is an active member of our community. He's also just a generally great guy to have around. One of the nicest players on Loka ,pretty sure he has never said a swear word. 'Nuff said.
  6. Steve5729

    Lost, but on purpose.

    Lost, but on Purpose. Volume I Part I: Full Retreat I was able to predict the fall of Arvik. Nokia had retreated leaving Bork in charge. I gathered all I could from the ruins and set off for the Kalros Mountains. I flew the first miles but then a blizzard blew in. It was impossible to see and I...