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  1. bat3415

    Suggestion Ability to neuter animals(specifically horses)

    At the moment, the ability to produce high quality horses and mules offers little in the chances of making a sustainable business, due to the fact that once you sell 2 very good stat horses, those 2 can be bred, and you have no way of selling to that person anymore now that they have a reliable...
  2. bat3415

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Bat's Horses & Mules!

    Over the past couple weeks I have started work on a new business popping up in Eldritch to supply the citizens of Loka with well-bred horses for the purposes of travel, war, item-transport, or raiding. Here is an album of Photos of the premises showing the stables and the testing facilities...
  3. P

    Consider Implementing Trade Box

    I think at spawn we should have a room kind of like the exchange machine meant for trading with other players, so people don't walk around stealing other's stuff in spawn. I know there are rules against it, but it would save time not having to go to staff about it if we just had a room to trade...
  4. W

    Elderwood Trading Thread!

    ~Elderwood Trading~ Welcome to the Elderwood Market! All of the prices that you find on this thread are negotiable unless specified otherwise. I am currently new to the server, so if prices seem way out in comparison to the usual economy of the server, please bear with me. At the moment the...