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  1. B

    bigboyyacht unmute appeal

    On 5/8/2023 , I was permanently muted due to repeated use of racist slurs. The event which I am pretty sure lead up to this was when, after dying at cove, I called Raddus_ the n word twice because I was angry at him for not helping me when I was getting jumped. Looking back at this event, it...
  2. Norwxy_

    Norwxy_ Unmute appeal

    Hi I am Norwxy_ Around 4 months ago i was permanently muted for racism and i completely understand how i deserved that mute i do not have any defense for such acts and would like to wholeheartedly apologize for it however i do feel like i deserve a second chance, I really liked playing lokamc...
  3. ucne

    9ejo unmute appeal

    hello, sorry for sending offensive language in the discord chat, there's no hate towards anyone I just didn't know trolling is unallowed I forgot to read the rules sorry again.
  4. Oplife

    Unmute Appeal

    - Hi I was muted and am making a unmute appeal. - Why I should be unmuted: I was really upset on Loka and said this. I never stay stuff that would warrant a mute, even on other servers, but this time I was really upset from dying at Cove, and on top of that players were being annoying and mean...