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Minecraft 1.4 Features/Changes/Resources


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Npc Villagers


* Villagers will now react positively on new trades, and negatively if you hurt them
-This effect only takes place if the villager is actually in a village. If you kidnap them and hide them somewhere you can beat them up as much as you like.
- Villagers display "steam" particles if you make them angry

* Villagers will not remove trades anymore, but may lock old trades until you trade them something new

* Added Zombie Villagers
-Villagers have a chance of turning into zombies after being killed by one.
-Zombie villagers can naturally spawn with other zombies
-Zombie villagers can be cured, becoming normal Villagers again.
--To do this, first use a Splash Potion of Weakness on it. Then, right-click on it with a level one Golden Apple. After several
minutes, it will turn back into a normal villager.

* Rarely, villagers can spawn in the nether near nether portals.



* Added Wither Skeletons
- They only spawn in nether fortresses
- Gives the "Wither I" effect which drains your health and gives it to the skeleton
- Drops bones, coal, stone swords, and its skull

*Added the Wither Boss
- Place 4 pieces of Soul Sand in a vertical T-shape and place 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls on top to summon it
- When spawned it will start at low health and slowly generate, then explodes when ready to fight
- It shoots exploding projectiles called Wither Skulls which is like a fireball from a ghost
- The Wither itself can destroy any block near it with an effect like mini-TNT
- When damaged by the Wither you get a "Wither II" effect which is more damaging than Wither I
- At half health it becomes immune to arrows
- It also has a boss health bar.
- On death it drops a nether star
- When spawned in the overworld the sky darkens


(I'm sorry)

*Zombies, Skeletons and Zombie Pigmen will rarely spawn with armor and enchanted bows.

*Iron Golems now attack Slimes and Magma Cubes.

* Changes to pigs
- Pigs are now able to jump when players ride on them.
- Pigs can only be bred with carrots

* Aggressive mobs will risk fall damage to reach you

* Changes to chickens
-Chickens now use Seeds instead of Wheat to breed.
-Chickens now follow the player when a seed is in hand.



*Added skulls
-Five types so far: Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Creeper, Human
-Can be used as hats and placed
-Very rare

* Zombies have a chance to drop a carrots and potatoes.
- See items category for more info

* Saddled pigs will now always drop saddles on death.

*Zombies, Skeletons and Zombie Pigmen will drop any special items they are wielding.


* Tamed wolves's collars can be dyed




* Added the Beacon Block
-Can now be crafted by surrounding a Nether Star with 3 blocks of obsidian on the bottom and 5 blocks of glass around the
- By building a pyramid composed of compressed ore such as blocks of Emerald or blocks of Diamond and placing this block -
on top, the player gains access to several powers
-A full pyramid can provide level II powers, should the player select the level I variation in the primary powers section.
-The minimum range is 16 blocks
-Gives off a light level of 15, as bright as Glowstone
-Players within the blocks' range will be given the selected effects every 4 seconds
-The best configuration of blocks requires 164 blocks


* Stairs now auto-arrange into corners. This is a test and may change based on feedback.



*Added item frames
-Crafted like a painting but with leather instead of wool
-Can hold any item and will function as working compasses, maps, and watches
- Some item orientations can be adjusted

* Added cobblestone wall and mossy cobblestone walls

*Added flower pots
-Made like a brick bucket
-Can hold saplings, mushrooms, flowers, cacti, ferns, and dead bushes
- Drops item when destroyed

*Leather armor can be dyed.
- Uses a full color scale
- The default color of leather has changed.
-You can right-click a full cauldron with dyed armor to remove dye.

*Added one new painting depicting the creation of a Wither


*Improved maps
-Maps now align to a grid, making it easier to create adjacent maps.
-A Compass and Paper do now create an Empty Map
-An empty map has no data on it until you right click on it. The point on your world where you right clicked it is the map's center
-A map (with data) can be cloned by crafting it with an empty map. Clones stack with each other.
-Maps can be zoomed out (but not zoomed in) by adding paper

*Added Carrot on a Stick
-Used to maneuver pigs.
-Can also attract pigs similarly to wheat.
-Main purpose is to control saddled pigs while ridden.


*Added Carrots
-Obtained from zombies, villages, or jungle biomes
-Can be farmed by planting a carrot
-Golden carrots are created with gold ingots

* Added Potatoes
- Obtained the same way as Carrots
- Can be baked
- Some potatoes are poisonous

*Added Pumpkin Pie


*Added potion of Night Vision
- Brewed by adding a golden carrot to an awkward potion
- When active it gives the appearance of day with a dark sky

*Added Potion of Invisibility.
- Brewed by adding a Fermented Spider Eye to a potion of Night Vision
- Mobs do not attack you until you bump into them.
- Potion also hides the player's name tag.
- Do not hide any items you are holding or wearing


*Added arrow-sensitive wooden buttons.
*Trapdoors can be placed in top-most position (based on cross-hair aim).
*Time of the redstone signal of the wooden/stone button extended.

Game Mechanics

*There is are some new commands that our administration might find useful
*Added new Full-screen toggle to the Video settings.
*Added new use Vsync toggle in the Video settings.
*F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus (mainly for debugging).
*F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions (also for debugging).
*Fire spreads differently based on difficulty.
*Mob grinders now give less XP when you farm them continuously.
*Saplings now have a smaller hitbox.
*The f: item on the F# debug screen now shows the exact direction the player is looking, between -180 and 180 degrees from south.
* You now get XP for fishing.
*Mobs (and all other entities) can travel through portals.
*The Zombie and Zombie Pigman models and textures have changed.
No visual difference, except that it breaks old texture packs.


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Yes this is going to be Halloween Update V2. The first was two years ago and introduced the Nether and a bunch of other cool things. It also had a lot of bugs but... we don't talk about those.


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Redstone pulses from buttons are longer too. Check your redstone wizardry to make sure it can cope with this. Particularly xp grinders.


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13scooter13 said:
isnt there a whitch too? i just read that there was going to be one.

You are correct, Jeb just tweeted about it today. I'll wait to post anything until the snapshot release tomorrow.


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Snapshot 12w38a:

* Nether loads faster when going through a portal
* In creative mode, teleportation is instantaneous
* Updated and added new sounds by C418
* Added a sound for climbing up Ladders
* New block-placing sounds: Wood, Stone, Plants, Sand, Gravel, although unintended by C418
* New footstep sounds: Sand, Gravel, Soulsand, Grass Block, and Stone
* New mob sounds: Cow, Pigs, Enderman, Zombie, and Skeleton
* New tool sounds: Flint and Steel, Shears (when shearing sheep)
* Lava and Flowing Water now have constant noise
* Added level up sound, but will be changed later for a shorter one
* Added a passive mob (Bat)
-Spawns in dark caves
-Sleeps during the day
-Hangs on the ceiling when idle, starts flying when players come near
* Added a hostile mob (Witch)
-Throws splash potions of poison, slowness, weakness and instant damage at you
-Regenerate health over time
-Hold an empty bottle and rise their noses when attacking
-Drink potions of instant health and fire resistance to defend themselves in combat
-Rarely drop potions of instant health and fire resistance
-Is immune to some splash potions
-Does not spawn naturally (yet), but a Spawn Egg exists for it in Creative Mode
* Command block target parameters have been upgraded, click here for details
* Beacon artwork was changed
* The beam of light was changed
* Item Frames no longer despawn when 20 blocks away.
* Wood blocks are now rotated differently. Instead of using the player’s position, it will rotate based on the face it is placed upon, like a lever (this is mainly a test).
* Silverfish Source Blocks have a chance of spawning in caves