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  1. S

    Santian's Unban appeal

    Ban reason: putting and using inappreciate skin, throwing out slurs Ban date: 02/07/2023 Hello dear Lokans and Staff, I hope you have a good day. I want to appeal for an unban or ban reduction, I have done stupid things on the server and that is totally not okay. First especially my behavior...
  2. 1g0w

    Ban Appeal X-ray

    Hi I was banned 6 months ago cuz Xray I used xray because I need money for new armors and I dont wanna spend lots of time for it I know its bullshit If I want armors I need to spend my time but I understood my wrong and I never gonna use it again I just want 1 more chance (ty for reading my...
  3. W

    My Ign is Combatian and I've been banned.

    Hello, I've just been banned for harrassment. I am being told many things that I've called people "fat" and other stuff which I admit to doing. But now im being told from 1 person that I was banned for "something outside of loka" and then being told that "I was banned for calling people stupid"...
  4. ballankaragul

    ballangregor ban appeal

    Hello, This is my second appeal for the same reason. You forgave me in my first appeal and I didnt enter the game for 2 months. A while ago I tried to enter and you banned me for having the same ip with the banned player. In my first appeal was my ban reason is my account having 2 ips because...
  5. ballankaragul

    ballangregor ban appeal

    My account got suspended for being alt of someone but i have no idea about why did it happen. Can staff tell me something or tell me whos alt i am. I tried to talk with magpieman thru discord but he told me to make appeal sorry for my mistakes in the appeal english isnt my first language...
  6. PachaConJet69

    popbot69/NegativePingg ban appeal

    Hello Loka, after almost 11 months of a ban because of a consecutive serie of very bad actions that I did, 4 months of my last appeal, I'd like to try it again, I think I haven't been much active in the internet, focused on other things, I can tell I improved my behavior & discipline, changed in...