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  1. mads64

    Moria Angelica | Seraphim

    sup gamers, peep the war room, designed by me, built in Seraphim started designing in creative on 6/21/23 finished ingame 7/11/23
  2. Mr_Void99


    Hello I Mr_Void99 need a player with decent building abilities for building a castle. I am not a very good builder because I make plain boxes made of one block ;P I need a player to make me a castle with several rooms, a storage room, a command center and a small courtyard in the center with an...
  3. DragonTriniti

    DragonTriniti for Builder or/and Staff positions available

    Age: I am 34 years old Current rank: My current rank is settler Which role you are applying for: I am applying for builder Why you think you should become this role: I believe that with the fact that I can meet all the requirements listed in the expectations and with many of the skills that I...
  4. babycat

    Babycat for Builder

    Age: I am currently 17 years old. Current Rank: I am currently a settler. Rank I am applying for: I am applying for the rank of builder. Why I should become a builder? To me, a builder is someone who takes the imagined ideas and dreams of the player base and the other members of the staff and...