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  1. Reiwa1

    Implemented Ender Chest Placement On Conquest

    Before a while, you were not able to place any kind of blocks near conquest buildings in conquests but shulkers were added as the only exception since it's annoying to go long distances to refill, and you should be access your things without going long distances. So I was thinking why Ender...
  2. Eyvah

    Suggestion Bring Back Mega Alliances (Not a Suggestion, Open for Suggestions)

    Everyone would agree that bigger fights are more fun instead of 20v25 fights between 3-4 different alliances in one continent. Back in the summer or back in the day, when there was 100v100 balak, or 70v70 bits vs rp fights in garama, everyone that played at that time would definetly agree it was...
  3. koi0001

    Suggestion Change, '/c' Commands to '/town c'.

    Hey all, just a minor QoL suggestion regarding the way conquest commands are laid out and shown to new players. My main gripe is that the conquest commands feel disconnected from the rest of the town command options. This makes it unintuitive to navigate. I suggest that we convert all '/c'...
  4. B

    No Plans to Implement Increasing the Maximum Territories

    In my opinion I think that the current maximum territories should be increased to 50-60 territories. The purpose of the max territories was to make the map look more claimable and available, so new players would go and create towns and feel like they could settle there. Usually, if somebody...
  5. Steve5729

    Fix the lag in Conquest

    in 100 player conquest the lag is insane, obviously. It's not fun anymore. There needs to be a cap on players. It is way to laggy and in Con 3 there are gonna be more and more players so I suggest a 50 player cap or rather a 25 cap on each side this way one side doesn't fill up all 50 and oh to...
  6. turtlemaster01

    Suggestion Fights and Pillars

    Alright so normally I would just vocalize this type of issue to my teammates and ignore it, but I can no longer do so. During several fights recently between towns certain unnamed towns have been coming to fights that are not on their continent and are not apart of the reinforcement beacon and...
  7. BushidoNBourbon

    Suggestion Conquest/politics system overhaul

    (In before, sorry for my terrible english, I'd be glad to clarify anything you don't understand) I came up this morning with some ideas in my mind that I don't know how can fit in the actual Loka system, about some mechanics changes in territory fights or towning systems. I expect this to be a...
  8. H

    Suggestion Town Markets

    Loka Town Market System Introduction Recently, one of the most prominent recurring issues on Loka has been the growth and decay of towns, and the resultant high turnover rate of the server population. As the population of a town grows, they eventually reach a critical mass at which they will...
  9. ChuckToast64

    An Intro Into Territories

    There has been some concerns about the knowledge gap with territory fights. I know that the information on the website needs to be updated, but reading and video tutorials can only go so far. I think we should setup something similar to the Ruins were new towns can gain experience on tgen...
  10. MrAlchemy

    Visions of Aladra

  11. MrAlchemy

    The Mighty Northern Continent, Kalros, Vanaheimr

    The Mighty Northern Continent KALROS Vanaheimr Deep and hidden under the unforgiving glacial anatomy of Kalros' frozen surface arose a billowing untamed flame. It's whipping blaze consumed and spread within it's stone host, an expansive and untouched cavern by the Shivering Sea. Time...