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  1. xTR1_


  2. Eyvah

    Buying Towns

    Buying towns all around loka. Must be 25 levels Must have a good design (better design=better paying) Please contact me on discord (126k#1337) for your offers and price does not really matter looking for any kind of towns that has a good build. Can get any type of price even if it’s a lot I...
  3. ModernMozart1787

    Consider Implementing Make NPC Town Members

    I was thinking recently about how towns don't feel like, well, towns unless you have 30+ active members who are almost always online. Also, town guards and the barracks should really come back. There should be some risk to raiding a town, even if the members are offline, and a town wall feels...
  4. koi0001

    Suggestion Town Choices/More Customise-able

    Hello Lokians! This thread asks a simple question. Is the town system able to have more customisation? If so where's the limit and is it worth it? I've owned my own fair share of towns that were both used for different situations; some towns main goal was to just build something interesting...
  5. Aggressive_Gibon

    Suggestion More In Depth Permissions for Towns

    At the moment towns have the ability assign members levels and have zones owned by particular players along with said zones only being able to be manipulated by the owner and those with the correct level. Although reasonably sufficient I think it'd be a good thing to break permissions within...
  6. Harvey_

    Suggestion A Government

    The diplomacy in Loka is somewhat good, with there being alliances and peace treaties. Yet, without being the capital, you have little say in what is going on around the world. Which is why I suggest a governmental-like system being put in place. Each (large) town could select a diplomat to...
  7. H

    Suggestion Town Markets

    Loka Town Market System Introduction Recently, one of the most prominent recurring issues on Loka has been the growth and decay of towns, and the resultant high turnover rate of the server population. As the population of a town grows, they eventually reach a critical mass at which they will...
  8. Ajaxan

    Suggestion Help the Newbies

    So the one thing I've noticed about Loka in my short time here (about two weeks now) is that there is a very large amount of stuff you can do and so many cool features to every aspect of the server. Unfortunately, new players have a hell of a time trying to figure out any of this information. If...